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Warm Weather Encourages Door-to-door Solicitors

April 2021

The season of door-to-door sales people is upon us. The Village of Oak Brook requires that all Commercial Solicitors must apply for a permit from the Village. A background check for local violations is completed for each individual that has requested permission to solicit door-to-door in the Village of Oak Brook with the intent to protect the residents of the Village.

Non-Commercial Solicitors must register with the Village for the purpose of identification.

Federal litigation has specified that religious organizations and political parties are exempt from any Village requirements of licensing or registration. Many religious organizations do cooperate and at least provide us with information and are willing to wear our badges.

The Village does not regulate solicitors distributing handbills as long as they do not participate in personal contact with residents unless the resident pursues contact.

Further information can be found at our Village of Oak Brook website at or you can contact the Village Clerk’s office at 630-368-5052.

Free “No Solicitors” signs are available at the Village Hall and solicitors must honor those signs and not attempt to contact you.

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