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Village of Oak Brook Annual Spring Cleanup News

From: Oak Brook Public Works Department

RE: Annual snow plow grass restoration work performed by the Village of Oak Brook

The annual snow plow grass restoration work performed by the Village of Oak Brook will be delayed this year due to the lack of available supplies necessary to perform the work. Many of their suppliers are considered nonessential and are temporarily not operational. We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

The Village of Oak Brook Public Works Department is on-site viewing areas in Ginger Creek that flood. They anticipate addressing these issues as quickly as possible. The Oak Brook Public Works Department is requesting that when their workers are in Ginger Creek, you maintain appropriate social distancing when speaking with them. Thank you for your cooperation.

From: Ginger Community Association Board of Directors

If you have a flooding issue in the area adjacent to your street or have a non-functioning storm water drain/sewer, please send an email to Amanda at Oak and Dale Properties:

They will be compiling a list of those properties to send to the Village.

Wingren’s is working to place Ginger Creek on their regular schedule for Spring Cleanup of our entrances and common areas. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic shelter-in-place orders, they ask that we be patient with their scheduling.

Please maintain social distancing from our landscapers & Village Workers

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