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GINGER CREEK ARBOR DAY - Was a big success!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Residents Received a Free Professional Tree Consultation

15% Discount from Kramer Tree Specialists

Keeping Ginger Creek a beautiful community makes it a desirable place to live and increases our property values. Unfortunately, we are facing a challenging situation with the destruction of some of our beautiful trees caused by invasive diseases. So, we took proactive action on our common areas, and we extended the opportunity to our residents to have their trees inspected too!

Residents were able to pre-schedule an appointment with our Certified Arborist for a free consultation and tree inspection on Saturday, May 22, 2021.

It was a very busy for our Arborist meeting residents and inspecting over 100 trees!

About our Certified Arborist

Keith O'Herrin, Ph.D.

Urban Forester - Researcher - Educator - Manager

Certified Arborist, manages 30,000 public trees through proactive, routine maintenance cycling.

To keep the good momentum going in helping our residents, we have arranged for a15% discount with Kramer Tree Specialists for Ginger Creek residents.


Alan Seal | Sales & Business Development Manager

ISA Certified Arborist IL-4547A

O 630.293.5444|F 630.293.7667

Debbie Kmiec

Office Assistant

O 630.293.5444|F 630.293.7667

Kramer Tree Specialists

300 Charles Court

West Chicago, IL 60185

Sincerely yours,

Ginger Creek Board of Directors

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