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Community Alert from Oak Brook Police


Dear Residents,

We are forwarding to you a message received from the Oak Brook Police Department.  Please help by letting your neighbors know and keeping an eye on the community to help keep everyone safe.,

Three (3) homes within the Village of Oak Brook (York Woods and Brook Forest) have recently been the target of ruse burglaries. The offenders typically represent themselves as public utility employees and target seniors. They may refer to COVID-19 in explaining the reason they need to enter your home. The offenders most often operate in teams of two (2) but may include as many as three (3). The types of ruses relied upon include but are not limited to:

· A request to enter the home to check the water pressure.

· A request to service an electrical issue.

· A solicitation to provide home repairs, seal coating, or tree trimming.

· A request for the resident to accompany them to the backyard where they will explain a purported concern.

Once the victim has been isolated, the offender interacting with the homeowner will make contact with a second offender via cell phone or two-way radio. A discussion will take place between the offenders in a foreign language and continue until the burglary is complete. The offender interacting with the homeowner will then abruptly leave. 


Do not allow a stranger to enter your home or remain on your property unless you have a scheduled service appointment. If you have any doubt as to the legitimacy of the claims made by any stranger at your door, contact 911 immediately. A physical description of the offender and a detailed description of any vehicle used will be extremely helpful in locating the individual. 

Thank you, and we appreciate your assistance in maintaining the safety of our community.   

Sergeant Reid Foltyniewicz #77

Oak Brook Police Police Department

Phone: (630) 368-8732

Fax: (630) 368-8733

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