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How can I get more involved?

Does the HOA Hold Meetings?

Ginger Creek FAQs

  • Does the HOA board meet and if so, when?"
    The Ginger Creek HOA board meets once a quarter to discuss issues that are important to our residents. All residents are welcome to attend the open session portion of the meeting. Advanced notice will be sent via email to residents from Oak & Dale Properties.
  • Who is the Management Agent for Ginger Creek?
    Oak & Dale Properties, Inc. 211 W. Chicago Avenue, Suite 10 Hinsdale, IL 60521 (630) 323-8810 Office (630) 323-8910 Fax Email:
  • When is garbage picked up in Ginger Creek?
    Ginger Creek residents will be provided with unlimited trash collection, unlimited recycling collection on Mondays by Flood Brothers. Residents will be allowed bulk item pick up each week free of charge. Pre-paid yard waste stickers are required for yard waste. Please feel free to contact Flood Brothers directly with any questions at 630-261-0400 or Please note: This is a friendly reminder that our HOA Rules and Regulations require your garbage and recycling bins be placed out to the curb no earlier than 5 PM the night before collection day. Empty bins are to be removed from the curb on the day of collection. In addition, we ask that you refrain from placing any loose items such as boxes or containers or miscellaneous rubbish at the curb to which they could have the potential to blow away and litter the community. Thank you for complying and being a good neighbor, respecting the values of our community and keeping Ginger Creek beautiful. Sincerely, Your neighbors and Board of Directors
  • What are the Geese Police and why do we have them?
    The Problem: Prior to working with Geese Police, Ginger Creek was innundated with Canada geese attracted to the water and the islands in the creek. Wherever there are Canada geese, there are goose droppings. Our residents' driveways and lawns were covered with geese feces. Geese feces usually contain the parasites cryptosporidium, giardia, coliform, and campylobacter and can be hazardous to people's and pet's health. Canada geese grazing and trampling cause damage to native wetlands, degrade water quality from fecal contamination, and cause erosion that occurs when geese eat and trample vegetation on slopes adjacent to bodies of water. Federal law protects Canada geese. It is illegal to harm geese, their eggs, or their nests in the United States without permission from the U.S. Fish and Wild Service (USFWS). Solution: Geese Police get rid of Canada Geese humanely using working Boarder Collies and other methods for bird control. Geese Police utilizes techniques perfected to have efficient and long-lasting results. Geese Police handpicks only the best highly trained working Border Collies. These trained dogs play a crucial role in controlling the Canada geese on our clients' properties. Handlers are educated on the behavior of Canada geese and their migratory, nesting and breeding habits. This is the most successful goose control program available to address the problems Canada geese cause to the health of humans and the environment. The Results: Ginger Creek is largely free of Canada geese. They no longer nest on the islands, linger in the creek nor habitually feed in the area. No longer are there vast amounts of feces across our driveways and lawns. It's now safer for our children and pets when outdoors. Yes, we do still see regular migratory patterns of Canada geese stopping at Ginger Creek. That's the reason a sustained service by Geese Police is necessasry. If you would like to report a recurring observation of Canada geese in Ginger Creek contact: Geese Police of Illinois
  • Can I rent my home in Ginger Creek?
    All property is required to be home owner occupied. Homeowners are prohibited from leasing or renting their property. This includes short term rentals such as Airbnb and Vrbo. Details can be found in Section 5.1 of the Ginger Creek Rules & Regluations on our Resources page.
  • Are fences allowed in Ginger Creek?
    Ginger Creek has always been a no-fence community. Paul Butler's original vision was to keep the views open and beautiful throughout the creek with large lot sizes. Fences are not permitted except around swimming pools or hot tubs unless previously approved by the Achetectural Reveiw Committee for special circumstances. Details can be found in Section 3.20 of the Ginger Creek Rules & Regluations on our Resources page.
  • How do I start the Ginger Creek architectural review process for property improvements and new construction? (And when do I need it?)
    You will need to submit an applicaiton to the Ginger Creek Architectural Commitee if you're planning major work such as: Building a new home Additions or exterior modifications to an existing home Major landscaping New driveway New patio New roof Please see the detailed Rules & Regulations for more infomration and follow the instrutions for Architectural Commitee review and approval of your plans located on the Members Resoruces page. We're excited to see your plans and appreciate you investing in Ginger Creek!
  • Is there a Metra Stop by Oak Brook?
    The closes Metra rail line is the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF). Our residents have found that these stops to be conenient to Ginger Creek: Downers Grove Main Street (Express) Downers Grove Fairview Ave. Westmont West Hinsdale
  • Village of Oak Brook Telephone Directory
    630-368-5000 - Village of Oak Brook 630-368-8700 - Police (non-emergency) 630-368-5200 - Fire Department (non-emergency) 630-368-5020 - Village Manager 630-368-5090 - Water Billing 630-368-5100 - Building Department 630-368-5272 - Public Works 630-368-7700 - Library 630-990-4233 - Park District 630-682-7197 - DuPage County Animal Control 630-323-3299 - Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District 630-261-0400 - Flood Brothers Disposal / Recycling Services
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